December 2017


Hello Families,

As you review your child's report card this week, remember that this is just one measure of his/her progress and growth as a learner. As we continue to teach students to understand about a growth mindset, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss the areas that they haven't mastered 'YET'. Using growth mindset language in school and at home helps children understand that learning is a process and we are all at a different place on the learning continuum.
Here are some growth mindset phrases that we use at school and you can use at home, too:
"Getting better takes time and I can see you are improving!"
"It is okay to take risks, that is how we learn."
"You haven't got it yet, but you will if you keep working on it and thinking about it."
"I really appreciate your effort today."
"This will be a challenging concept to learn, but I believe you can master it!"
Thank you for joining us in helping children understand that learning is a process.
Happy December and thank you for being our partners in educating your child.

For the children,

Sally Hayes


Important Dates

December 13th:                           2-Hour Delayed Start/Professional Development

December 15th:                           Kids Only Shopping Extravaganza!

December 15th:                           Holiday Box wrapping and prep 

December 15th:                           Holiday Cookie Orders due 

December 16th:                           Holiday Boxes filling and delivery

December 18th:                           Holiday Cookie Pick Up 

December 19th:                           Holiday Sing-A-Long at 1:30pm

December 25th-January 1st:       School Recess

January 10th:                               2-Hour Delayed Start/Professional Development

January 15th:                               No School for Students/Staff Professional Development       

A Note From Sandy

The Huntington Holiday Boxes will be filled and delivered on Saturday, December 16th.  We are in need of folks to wrap the boxes at Brewster-Pierce Memorial School on Friday, December 15th at 6:00pm.  We also are looking for volunteers to help deliver the boxes on Saturday.  If this sounds like something your family would like to be involved in, please email or call me for details. or #434-7205


 Our wonderful community helps each other in many different ways each and every day.  If you would like to support Neighbor Helping Neighbor (Backpacks for Children), Huntington Holiday Boxes (at Christmas), Edward Heyman's Monthly Soup's On Program (home deliveries too!)  or if you know of a neighbor that could benefit from on of these programs, please let me know: or #434-7205

Thank you and happy holidays to each and everyone of you!  Sandy


Holiday Cookie Sale

Brought to you by Mirabelle's Bakery and the Brewster-Pierce Memorial School Lunch Program.  3 dozen cookies, 6 varieties for $18.00 per box.

Call Sue or Alison by Friday, December 15th to order #434-2074. 

Pick Up: Monday, December 18th.     

Proceeds benefit holiday food boxes. 

Outdoor Education

Have some outerwear sitting around that your son or daughter has outgrown? The students across all grades at Brewster-Pierce Elementary are spending a day outside each week year-round and are in need of extra:

- Waterproof Rain or Snow Boots, size Little Kid 12 all the way through Youth 4 
- Rain Pants or Snow Pants/Suits, sized for 5-10 year olds 
- Mittens/Gloves, youth sized (we have plenty of hats and scarves) 
- Rain coats (we have plenty of winter coats) 
- Socks, youth sized

The gear doesn't need to be in great shape, simply functional.

Either drop off at the main office at Brewster-Pierce School or contact Kasie ( to coordinate a pick-up/drop-off. Thank you to the community for all the donations that came last year!

Notes from P.I.E.

  Kids Only Shopping Extravaganza!
We will again be holding our Third Annual Kids Only Shopping Extravaganza! on December 15th….however, in order to make this successful, we need your donations. Please send in any small household items that might be of interest to young shoppers and gift-givers: picture frames, jewelry, household decorations, small toys/puzzles/games, candles, the opportunities are endless. All donations should be received in the box by the sign-in table by Tuesday, December 12th. Please let us know if you have any questions at

Silent Auction
The Silent Auction is underway, ending this Friday, December 8th at 10 pm. This event is the largest fundraiser of the year for the BPMS Partners in Education (P.I.E.). Last year, with your help, P.I.E. raised over $5,000! 100% of the money raised helps funds things like the Boston Trip for the 3/4 classes, Flynn field trips for grades K-4, Artist in Residence for grades PreK-4, WICKED FUN DAY, and other special requests from teachers who seek to enhance the educational opportunities for all students.

Whether you're looking for something unique for yourself, searching for a gift for a special someone, or looking to add a little adventure to your life, you're sure to find something in our auction. Every bid helps support our cause.

What are you waiting for?! Bid now at:

Questions? Please contact us at


Calendars are In
The Huntington Community Calendars are in and being distributed in our community. Please send in your payment so we can send your calendar home. If you'd like to arrange to pick it up, please email us at Checks or cash can be sent in to the school attention BPMS PIE.


120 School Street, Huntington, VT 05462           



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