January 2018


Happy New Year families!                                                                                   January 2018

We have always practiced reading to children every day as a way to enrich a child's reading life. Children love read aloud time, and it helps them become a stronger reader. The same is true for math! Math practice in small ways is a proven way to increase your child's math confidence, ability to take more math risk and if you point it out, see that math is everywhere! Math is everywhere; in the grocery store, at the gas station, in cooking and baking, even on the ski slopes! You can enrich your child's mathematical mind in small ways each day without a lot of effort! Especially during the colder, winter months you can seek out opportunities to play board games or card games and engage in conversations about math. Here are some important ideas and strategies to support math learning everywhere:


Whether it's old-school card and board games (my children chose Yahtzee for Family Game Night), a puzzle or something more high-tech, many kids are drawn into hands-on activities, especially when there's an element of competition with a parent or sibling.

We know how much kids love their devices, and there are tons of apps and games that help reinforce and teach Math concepts. Parents like:  Prodigy, Mathville and Dreambox. I'm also a big fan of IXL for practising skills.

Kids are turned off when they don't see a purpose for what they're learning, so it's important to constantly show them how math is useful in real life. Involve them in activities like cooking and baking, telling time, checking temperature and using money. Little ones can sort coins, older ones can help estimate the grocery bill while shopping.

Parents may try to be helpful by saying "I was never good at math", or "You take after me", but instead encourage kids to embrace challenges and see the fun in growing their brains. Instead of using words like 'drill' use "practice", it seems much more positive, and kids can connect that to sports and other areas where they know they have to put in the work to see results.

A lot of the math programs at school have suggestions for games and ideas that can be sent home. If you're looking for something to use to reinforce what's being taught at the moment, don't hesitate to ask your child's teacher if he or she has any ideas.

If your avid reader is a reluctant mathematician, literature may provide some inspiration. Greg Tang's books are very popular, and there are picture books and nonfiction texts to support many different math concepts. Me Counting Time (Joan Sweeney) and Get Up And Go! (Stuart J. Murphy) which the kids love.

With a bit of enthusiasm on your part (fake it if you have to!) these suggestions should help your child to enjoy learning math even more! (adapted from OXFORD Learning, Apr 25, 2015 article)
Have fun finding math in your daily routines!


For the children, 

Sally Hayes 


Math Growth Chart for families  suggestions for helping your child with math at home.

Important Dates

January 15th:                               No School for Students/Staff Professional Development 

February 14th:                             2-Hour Delayed Start

February 15th:                             3rd & 4th Grade Play.

                                                    1pm School Performance, 6pm Evening Performance  

February 26th - March 6th:         School Recess    


REMINDER, We need your help...please.
All Visitors please sign in when entering school for safety reasons.
If we ever had a fire drill or school emergency, we take the sign-in book with us to
check to be sure all visitors are safely out of the building.
Unless it is a quick drop off at the door, just in front of the library, we ask that all visitors please sign-in and take a sticker so that we can safely keep track of all people in the building.
Thank you very much for your help with this important safety procedure!


Bolton Valley Ski Program

Calling all Skier and Riders!

The Bolton Valley after school program is here for all grades! The program runs on Tuesdays after school, February 6 to March 20 - the same day as Camels Hump middle school. Tickets (3pm to 10pm), Lessons, and Rentals are available. Transportation is not provided but we had a strong carpool team the last few years that made sure everyone who wanted to participate got there. Besides having a great time skiing and riding with friends, family members will get special perks like free tickets for chaperons. We need a minimum number from BPMS (all grades welcome) to participate though - so contact Tara Fowler at to sign up or with any questions you might have. We'll need completed registration forms by January 17th. Thank you!

Notes from P.I.E.

Our annual Silent Auction was a success! Thank you to everyone who helped solicit donations, made donations, bid on items and spread the word. This year we were able to raise nearly $7,000 for our students!

Thank you also to all those who donated items to our Third Annual Kids Only Shopping Extravaganza! The students had such a lovely time shopping for their families, we hope you enjoyed some of the treasures purchased!


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